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BEIN' a mom and wife, livin' in pheonix, a little bit sarcastic and always lookin' to do something fun.




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I’m the bold one when no one else wants to be, but the quiet one when they do. I love me some nature just as much as the city. I will definitely cry during your vows, but will also kick some ass if you ask me to. I’m a big believer in being who you are and doing what you want, always. 

I am a 30 something year old, livin’ in the Arizona desert and always looking to visit new places. My friends always describe me as assertive, empathetic, a fun-haver, and a go-getter. I almost always know what I want in life, including for dinner. My two dudes (my son, Cason and husband, Ryan) are my biggest motivators, challengers, and encouragers. Our dog, Amari is equally the love of our lives. My top three favorite bands are Kings of Leon, Death Cab for Cutie, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, but I also love me some red dirt country, rock and roll, punk, and on occasion Harry Styles. I am naturally HYPED, and run on absolutely no caffeine. I am one to pretty much always go against the grain, always. 

Taylor Aguilar

With so many incredible things to say about Nicolette Im not sure where to even begin. She is the most humble photographer to work with not to mention the most talented. I was recommended her 3 years ago when I was looking to do a photoshoot for my 30th birthday… she made me feel INCREDIBLE & the lasting impression she left had me set on only ever using her. Nicolette has captured the most important moments in my life & I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. Her work is one of a kind; Breath taking! If you want amazing photos by the kindest human who knows how to use the work fu*k professionally, look no further you are in the right place!! 

Jessica Mendoza

To say I’m particular about a certain aesthetic would be an understatement, so I knew right away when I stumbled upon a friend’s pictures by Nicolette that she had “it”. She has that intangible quality in all her photos that seems to let the persons soul shine. She captures the raw candid emotion in a magically moody way. All of her photos look natural and effortless. But you don’t really need me to tell you this just to look at her photos! On top of that she is amazing to work with. Over the past 2 years she has done all our family photos, easily working with my daughter (and husband) somehow always coming up with the shot and multiple stunning photos. I will be forever grateful to her for allowing me to preserve these memories. To me professional photos are truly one of the best investments and i can promise if you hire Nicolette you will not be disappointed. She is a beautiful human inside and out, I don’t know how but this magic translates to all of her photos.

Jessie Bosch

Nicolette is by far my favorite photographer to work with! She shot my engagement photos & wedding, my maternity photos & newborn photos and now does my yearly family photos. Nic is a no bullshit kind of photographer that isn’t afraid to speak up and that’s what I really appreciate. She wrangled my family at my wedding effortlessly, and somehow manages to make my husband who as we say “has one look” always looks good. Her return time on finished images is always what she quotes, and she always seems to surprise me with my gallery on the day that I need it most! Every single time I look through my gallery I am in AWE of the magic she creates. She captures real life, the good the bad and the ugly, and she delivers it wrapped up with a bow on in a way that you would never expect to look so beautiful. I will continue to have Nicolette photograph my family until she either retires or dies and even then I’ll find a way for her to do it. She’s got customers for life in our household!

Brittany Nemec

As a fellow photographer, I am VERY picky about who I let take my photos. Especially in a completely different style than my own. My husband despises photos, with a passion and he will ONLY let Nicolette take our photos. If she ever stops taking photos, we will stop taking family photos. Nicolette is AMAZING! She focuses on everyone in your family, not just one person. She makes you feel like bad asses, and is phenomenal with kids and getting them to laugh and smile without making it forced. They’re genuine smiles. I can’t recommend her enough and we’re clients for life.